Covid 19 Update Level 2 Health Measures

Tahuna School Health Measures Alert 2

Welcome back to those children who had been residing in level 3 and it’s awesome to have you back. As we are at Level 2 as of today we have made the following health protocols to ensure our children, staff and community are safe. Please abide by these health measures as we want to ensure we are all kept safe:

Tahuna School Health Measures

  • Regular hand sanitising

  • Cough in elbow or tissue

  • No water fountains – water bottles available to children who don’t bring a water bottle

  • All classrooms and areas being used are thoroughly cleaned daily 

  • Classrooms are well ventilated by having doors and windows open

  • No assemblies with visitors

  • All visitors sign in at the office when coming onsite either using the covid scan or hardcopy register

  • If your child is displaying cold/flu like symptoms please keep your child at home


New health measures added to strengthen Level 2

  • All visitors must wear a mask on school site – parents, families, trades, MOE, anybody visiting. The school will have face masks for staff and visitors if they are required.

  • If a parent needs to see the teacher or vice versa then the teacher must wear a mask and they may talk at the fence.

  • If a parent or visitor needs to pick up their child (for an appointment etc.) they come to the office to sign in and a member of staff goes to the classroom to collect the child for the parent or visitor.

We always appreciate your support.
Phillip Otto and Staff