Newsletter Week 7, Term 3

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Newsletter Week 7, Term 3
Principals Comment

It has been a great week of beautiful weather and there has been a great hum about the learning at Tahuna School. It makes me immensely proud when I hear and see children showing our value of encourage. 

Last week our teachers finalised our new reading goals that will support implementing consistent school-wide processes that support our children to be aware of their achievement & learning. Our new schoolwide learning tool will ensure our children can develop their understanding of where they are at in their reading and what reading skills they need to learn next. The learning tool was created by using the Literacy Progressions and the NZ Curriculum. The reading goals have been implemented with our children.

Classroom Awards
The following children have been working hard in class and have been rewarded with a classroom award. 

Endeavour – Sabian, Eli and Toby
Endurance – Zoe and cooper
Maungaturoto – Olivia and Arnav
Discovery – Kael and Chavelle

Congratulations to our children who received an ICARES Values card.
Evie (Integrity) for helping pick up rubbish at morning tea. Thank you!
Kaycee (Integrity) for helping pick up rubbish at morning tea. Thank you!
Sabian (Integrity) for helping the girls pick up rubbish at morning tea. Thank you!
Lena (Integrity) for helping pick up rubbish at morning tea. Thank you!
Devine (Integrity) for helping to pick up rubbish at lunchtime. Thank you!
Stella (Integrity) for helping to pick up rubbish at lunchtime. Thank you!
Lottie (Integrity) for helping to pick up rubbish at lunchtime. Thank you!
The box winners were Aaleyah, Tayla and Sonika

Exciting Event
We have an exciting Roald Dahl dress up day on Tuesday the 13th of September. On the same day we will have a grandparents/family day and the Book Fair (view and buy books) The event will start at 10.45am. Our children will entertain our guests (grandparents/family) with our Tahuna Kura waiata (song) Jump Jam performances and a Roald Dahl story read by a group of seniors. Following this there will be an opportunity to visit your grandchild/children’s classroom. Then visit the bookfair to have a look. Friend’s of school will be running a BBQ (cash only) We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The Exciting Growing Competitions
We have exciting opportunities for our children to take part in the sunflower, beans and pumpkin growing competitions. See the fliers in our newsletter for more information. If you have any questions please ask Sheree Austin or Charlotte Giddy. Thank you Sheree and Charlotte for organising this wonderful opportunity for our children.

Property update – Court Shade Cover
The major project funding has been allocated to go towards our court cover shelter. Due to supply issues and job hold ups the project has not started yet. However, the aim is to have the project started this year. This will be an exciting addition to our school facilities for many years to come. When the first stage is complete the court will be 2/5 covered. 

Teacher Only Day
Our next TOD will be Friday the 30th September. School teaching staff are awarded 8 teacher only days as part of the Collective Agreement Accord for workload and/or professional development. School will be closed.

Donate a calf Fundraiser
This is a great fundraiser for our school.
If anyone is interested in donating a 100kg calf to Tahuna School, it’s nice and simple! All you have to do is get a Tahuna tag from the school office, put it in the calf’s ear and when you send some calves off to the yards, send it along with them.
Tell them what it’s for and that’s it! 😀 If you are interested, Please get in contact with Stacey Williams on 0211067256. Thank you!

Ngaa mihi
Phillip and Staff

Yummy Apple Stickers

Just a reminder that it is nearly time to send in Tahuna School’s Yummy stickers.  The promotion finishes at the end of this term – 29th September. The more we collect, the more sport’s gear we may get so let’s keep going! 

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