Newsletter Week 9, Term 3

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Newsletter Week 9 Term 3
Principal Comment

Our New School Board of Trustees 
We have recently had the triennial elections and the following parents have been elected onto our school board and I would like to congratulate Nick Kraenzlin (Presiding member), Laura Van Hellemond (Secretary), Malcolm Edward (Finance), Sharnn Lehman (Property) and Brylee Budd (FOS Rep) Phoebe I’Anson is the elected staff representative. Also I would like to express a big thankyou to Sarah McNamara who put her name forward for our school board. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the former board of trustees for your dedication, hardwork and desire to ensure effective governance of Tahuna School occurred and our school’s reputation was enhanced and maintained in our community. Well done to Greg Mills (Presiding member) Nick Kraenzlin (Secretary) Laura Van Hellemond (Finance) Andrew Kay (FOS Rep) and Simon Pierce (Property)

Exciting news
Our provisional roll return has come back from the ministry of education for 2023 and based on our school roll return (July 2022) we have staffing for a 5th teacher for 2023. This is great news and I would like to thank the staff for your incredible work and support. Also to our parents and community for your support of our wonderful school. The process has begun to advertise for this fixed-term teaching position.

Clare Gow who is currently on maternity leave has tendered her resignation and as a result will not be teaching full time next year. She is loving being a mum to Freddy. Clare has indicated she is looking forward to relieving at Tahuna School when the opportunity comes up. The process for advertising this permanent full time teaching position starting 2023 is underway.

Congratulations to our children and Mr K who received an ICARES Values card.
Eva (Encourage) Thankyou for helping Eden to go down the slide when she was scared.
Bridee (Integrity) Being a super role model on wet lunch day, helping out in Endeavour.
Mr K (Integrity) For organising the sports day.
Kaycee (Integrity) For helping pick up rubbish at morning tea. Thank you.
The box winners were Lucy, Sophie and Kaycee.

Classroom Awards
The following children have been working hard in class and have been rewarded with a classroom award. 
Endeavour – Eden and Darcy
Endurance – Paige and Aryan
Maungaturoto – Leah and Marley

New Student Councilors
Congratulations to Anna Austin and Ryan Rasmussen for being selected as our new student councilors. We are looking forward to having you join our existing team. It was encouraging to see so many seniors going for the two new student council positions.
Congratulations to
Shaian, Quinn, Lucy, Heath, Sophie N, Sofia, Hailee, Abagail and Bridee for preparing and saying your speech in front of the children.

Wow! It was fantastic to see so many children at our disco last night. It was an amazing turnout with 81 children. The place was humming with happy children and lots of dancing. Thanks all for supporting us to raise funds for our up and coming senior camp at Finley Park. Thanks Miss Craw for organising such a cool disco!

Sunflower, beans and pumpkin growing competitions
Please see the flyers in our newsletter for information. If you have any questions please ask Sheree Austin or Charlotte Giddy. Thank you Sheree and Charlotte for organising this fantastic experience for our children.

Teacher Only Day
The TOD is on Friday the 30th September. School teaching staff are awarded 8 teacher only days as part of the Collective Agreement Accord for workload and or professional development. School will be closed.

Ngaa mihi
Phillip and Staff

Sophie competed at the Irish Dancing Competion in Auckland where she won 1st place in the Reel, 3rd place in 4 Hand and 2nd in her 6th Hand (a team event).

Well done Sophie!

Yummy Apple Stickers

Just a reminder that it is nearly time to send in Tahuna School’s Yummy stickers.  The promotion finishes at the end of this term – 29th September. The more we collect, the more sport’s gear we may get so let’s keep going! 

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