Maungaturoto Room

Welcome to Maungaturoto Room 2021

My name is Katherine Murphy and I am pleased to say that I will be your child’s teacher this year in Maungaturoto Room. We have a busy class of nineteen students – all of whom have been working hard to settle into new systems and routines. It was so exciting to begin the year officially in our beautiful classroom, and we have worked hard to develop our classroom culture around the idea of being ‘bucket fillers.’

Our school-wide Inquiry Learning this term has been based around ‘Change’ which has led us into all types of research on Changes in Nature. We started off exploring seasons, and how weather, temperature and plants all change during the year. This led us into learning about cloud types, and finally the water cycle. Maungaturoto have become weather whizzes!

A lot of our Literacy learning this term has been focused around our Nature unit, and on our Teacher Read novel – The Wild Robot, by Peter Brown.

Island Art

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