Covid 19 Update Level 2 Health Measures

Tahuna School Health Measures Alert 2 Welcome back to those children who had been residing in level 3 and it’s awesome to have you back. As we are at Level 2 as of today we have made the following health protocols to ensure our children, staff and community are safe.

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Welcome to Tahuna School

Learning for Life

Principal's Welcome


Kia ora and Welcome to Tahuna School

It is a great privilege to be the Principal of Tahuna School. I am fortunate enough to be part of a supportive community, inspired and passionate teachers and staff, and some very enthusiastic young learners.

Our vision is ‘Learning for Life’ and this captures the essence of the academic, physical, social and emotional nature of the education that children need to prepare them for the future.

Tahuna School is proud of its achievements. We continue to build upon our success in providing quality teaching and learning. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for all children to be dynamic learners in all areas of life.

If you’re considering us as a school for your child, please drop by, email me at or phone 027 333 6186



Saturday, January 29


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