Adventure Room

Term 1 2021 Adventure Room has two teachers, Mrs Gill Constantine teachers Monday to Thursday and Miss Clare Gow teachers Friday. Miss Gow is Acting Principal for this term. We have a lovely bunch of 20 year 4 & 5 students who are energetic and eager to learn.  

This year’s theme is all about CHANGE and Adventure Class kicked off the year looking at the Treaty of Waitangi, and how NZ has changed since it was signed. It made a lot of promises and changed the laws. We watched a video book called “The Lost Children” which was based around the lives of people in NZ in the 1800’s.

We have also been looking at how we have changed personally and all the things we have learnt since we were born. We made our own classroom treaty with our rights and responsibilities, which we all signed, even the teachers.

This term we drew our self portraits which were based on a Brazilian artist, Romero Britto.  Romero Britto likes to use bright, optimistic colours!  He inspired us to draw what we like and to be creative.  Romero Britto is a neo pop artist and does art to make people happy.  He likes to make the self portraits big and bold.