Endurance Room

Welcome to Endurance Room. My name is Ms Buer (Jo) and I am thrilled to be teaching 15 energetic willing learners. I endeavour to inspire, educate and empower students through their learning. 

What a wonderful start to the year it had been with fifteen smart, bubbly and creative kids willing to give everything a go!

We have spent this term building our learning stamina and learning to work independently. We have had a big focus on Reading (our Daily 5 programme), Writing, Phonics, and Maths, while still finding time to boogie to Go Noodle, practise our swimming, handwriting and Te Reo, and learning about Waitangi Day and the Seasons.

Here are some of our highlights from Term 1:

  • “I’m proud of myself for drawing myself and using good colours. I enjoy doing Go Noodle.” – Flectcher
  • “I have good stamina working quietly during Maths Rotations.” – Ridge
  • “I like gardening with Mrs Austin and planting flowers. I also liked learning about shapes in Maths.” – Evie
  • “I am good at doing my Homework and Writing.” – Alex
  • “I like playing in the swimming pool, and making Kowhaiwhai.” – Soul
  • “My favourite thing was reading out of the book boxes.” – Jackson
  • “I liked helping to make our awesome classroom tree.” – Emilia
  • “I like moving up levels in Reading Eggs and doing reading activities.” – Marley
  • “I like reading from the library.” – Sophie
  • “I enjoyed Swimming Sports and I liked learning about the Seasons.” – Arnav
  • “I liked all the colours I did on my shell with Mrs Austin.” – Sonika
  • “I like doing Handwriting and getting better at my letters.” – Grayson
  • “I liked learning how to break numbers apart in Maths.” – Isiah
  • “I like moving up levels in the Reading Rocket.” – Freddie
  • “I got better at kicking with the flutterboard.” – Ruby