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Newsletter Week 7 Term 4
Another very busy week at Tahuna School and teachers have been sharing back to me how many of their children are making good progress in their learning according to a number of assessments that have been done recently. It makes me proud to hear the positive progress.

It’s so good to see all our children wearing hats as summer is here now as we have endured a few hot days this term. Also we are encouraging our children to drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and ready for learning.

Classrooms for 2022
We are excited to announce the classrooms and teachers for next year.
For 2022 we will have 4 classrooms open.
Endeavour: Yr 0-1 – Alana Oldham
Endurance: Yr 2 – Katherine Murphy
Maungaturoto: Yr 3-4 – Jo Buer
Discovery: Yr 5-6 – Linda Jensen-Gaiger

The classroom decisions are made on the staffing entitlement from the Ministry of Education, the staffing at the school, the school number of children/cohorts and taking into account student needs. This year the board put in a considerable amount of operations grant to have a 5th classroom open. A careful decision was made to have 4 classrooms for next year taking in consideration our overall costs of running our school. Also this year we have a large Yr 6 cohort who will be moving on to intermediate next year. Our junior room at the start of 2022 year will have numbers that reflect that we will during the year have lots of pre-enrolment new entrants.

Congratulations to Alana Oldham who will be our new Deputy Principal starting in 2022.

Assembly Classroom Awards
Well done to you all.
Endeavour: Arlo, Jurious, Indie, Olive and Jane
Endurance: Sonika and Jackson
Maungaturoto: Jethro and Tommy
Adventure: Hunter, Mason and Sophie
Discovery: Jack and Sophie L

Grayson. Excellent work!

Blue Friday
Outstanding day organised by our student councillors and it was great to see so many children dressed in Blue. The day was about raising awareness about diabetes.

Water Bottles
As our water fountains are not in use due to our current health measures we require all children to bring a filled water bottle. The water bottle can be filled up at the staffroom when required by your child during the day.

Life Education
We had Mike and Harold from Life Education visit us last week. Our children had a fantastic time learning about health and science related topics and being entertained by Harold’s humour and stories.

Phillip and Staff

As it is nearing the end of the year the school requires all uniforms, library books and readers back by Wednesday 8th December so that the annual stocktakes can be undertaken.

Dates to Remembe


3                   Athletics Display Day

13                 BOT Meeting

14                 Last Day of Term 4 (half day)


1                   Term 1 Begins

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